As a Bowen practitioner and professional reflexologist living in, and practising from various locations in and around, the region affected by the 2009 Victorian Black Saturday bushfires, I have years of experience in supporting cancer patients and assisting fire survivors on their respective life journeys.

Much of my personal and professional maturation and growth process over the last few years I owe to the gift of trust extended to me by the members of the fire-affected communities who have allowed me to walk beside them on their road to recovery since the fires, both as a member of the acclaimed Yarra Valley Practitioners Project Inc. and as an independent health care professional.

My direction and philosophy in life and my understanding of life force, or energy or spirit, as underlying all things manifest have been shaped by long years of personal development through, learning from and friendship with a Tibetan master healer. My personal and professional interests are taking me further into understanding how our bodies function on an energetic level where I believe balance, healing and wholeness are achieved first and the body can best access and mobilise its own innate healing powers on all levels.

My intent

To assist you in balancing and enhancing your sense of physical wellness, emotional wellbeing, mental clarity and spiritual openness so that you can play your very own individual part responsibly in whatever is to come in your life’s journey of unfoldment.

My philosophy

Many cultures place the Heart into the very centre of our being. It is my belief that all our modern problems are brought about by an imbalanced Heart Space, that place of equilibrium within all of us that holds the key to natural rather than normal wellbeing, that place from which I believe – with the right tools – balance, healing and wholeness are possible and achievable for every-body, the place where new perspectives are born and we can shed those that no longer serve us.

To free any life force stuck in no-longer-needed patterns and to allow the body to redirect that boost to wherever it is required, my approach aims at

  • finding avenues of communicating with both the body AND you;
  • locating blockages in the body’s natural life force flow such as areas of congestion or muscular tightness, discomfort and pain;
  • potentially revealing and releasing underlying causes and/or origins through identifying compromised life force pathways of Traditional Chinese Medicine (meridians).

In both my modalities we may harness the power of some of the trigger points used in remedial massage and their respective function areas, and some of the underlying meridians and points used in acupuncture through touch.