Cellular memory or body memory is real

Cellular memory or body memory is real Many of my clients hear me talk about cellular memory or body memory. Cellular memory or body memory IS REAL, and every cell holds it (Dr Bruce Lipton, The Biology of Belief, https://www.brucelipton.com/books/biology-of-belief). The physicist Fred Alan Wolf (http://www.fredalanwolf.com/,https://whatthebleep.com/) clarified its “mechanism” in as far back as 1986… read more →

Migraine headaches affecting your sense of direction?

Migraine headaches affecting your sense of direction? If you want to join the company of immortals, it makes sense to have your head where it belongs Migraine headaches rate among the 10 major health issues of our times. Headaches affect over one third of men and over one half of women . At least 1 in.. read more →

Muscle spasm and pain … ever wondered what causes muscles to lock?

Muscle spasm and pain … ever wondered what causes muscles to lock? A flexible sheath called fascia surrounds each fibre, each bundle and the whole muscle itself. Muscles and fascia Fascia allows all muscle elements to move and slide against each other. A muscle tightens up when that movement is no longer possible. Sometimes it.. read more →

Five Tibetans – chakra exercises

The Five Tibetans I first met the Five Tibetans decades ago. At that time the descriptive was chakra exercises. Curious, I started practising them. Today I know that they interact with the body meridians. Thus they impact on the muscles that communicate with the associated meridians. The exercises benefit our body’s physical and energetic dimensions and.. read more →

Magnesium – more than a muscle relaxant

Magnesium is a vital mineral. It helps relieve pain, muscles to relax and the body to detox. It is also the energetic mineral for Spleen and the Wood Element of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Spleen extracts energy from the food and drinks we ingest. The organ is responsible for transporting that energy to the rest.. read more →

Bowen therapy for digestion and organ function

Did you know … Bowen therapy is good for digestion and organ function. Article reproduced with the kind permission of Kristin North, Bowen therapist at North Star Healing Therapies, Mooloolaba. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/bowentherapy-digestion-organfunction-kristin-north?trk=hp-feed-article-title-comment read more →


EVERYTHING IS ENERGY … FIELDS OF IT In my philosophy healing is a path of personal growth, a matter of breaking the bonds of resonance with whatever throws us out of balance. Advanced Energy Healing is the needle-free version of Esoteric Acupuncture developed by Los Angeles acupuncturist Dr Mikio Sankey. It takes us into a realm where.. read more →

Cancer – exploring other realities of understanding

This is a rewrite of an anatomy and physiology assignment I presented years ago as part of my training requirements. May it inspire and give hope. Profile Random microscopic tumours form relatively frequently across the life span of an otherwise healthy individual. A fully functional immune system can deal effectively with such imbalances. A weakened immune.. read more →

The jaw joint – our very own personal “coat hanger”

The jaw joint (TMJ, temporomandibular joint) affects over 80 % of brain – body communication. While even the tiniest misalignment can confuse proper signal flow, relaxing the jaw affects over 90 % of muscles in our body. The most significant joint in the body Did you know the jaw joint is also the most significant.. read more →