Five Tibetans – chakra exercises

The Five Tibetans I first met the Five Tibetans decades ago. At that time the descriptive was chakra exercises. Curious, I started practising them. Today I know that they interact with the body meridians. Thus they impact on the muscles that communicate with the associated meridians. The exercises benefit our body’s physical and energetic dimensions and.. read more →

Magnesium – more than a muscle relaxant

Magnesium is a vital mineral. It helps relieve pain, muscles to relax and the body to detox. It is also the energetic mineral for Spleen and the Wood Element of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Spleen extracts energy from the food and drinks we ingest. The organ is responsible for transporting that energy to the rest.. read more →

Bowen therapy for digestion and organ function

Did you know … Bowen therapy is good for digestion and organ function. Article reproduced with the kind permission of Kristin North, Bowen therapist at North Star Healing Therapies, Mooloolaba. read more →


EVERYTHING IS ENERGY … FIELDS OF IT In my philosophy healing is a path of personal growth, a matter of breaking the bonds of resonance with whatever throws us out of balance. Advanced Energy Healing is the needle-free version of Esoteric Acupuncture developed by Los Angeles acupuncturist Dr Mikio Sankey. It takes us into a realm where.. read more →

Cancer – exploring other realities of understanding

This is a rewrite of an anatomy and physiology assignment I presented years ago as part of my training requirements. May it inspire and give hope. Profile Random microscopic tumours form relatively frequently across the life span of an otherwise healthy individual. A fully functional immune system can deal effectively with such imbalances. A weakened immune.. read more →

The jaw joint – our very own personal “coat hanger”

The jaw joint (TMJ, temporomandibular joint) affects over 80 % of brain – body communication. While even the tiniest misalignment can confuse proper signal flow, relaxing the jaw affects over 90 % of muscles in our body. The most significant joint in the body Did you know the jaw joint is also the most significant.. read more →

Winter and low kidney energy

Kidney energy? Why is it important? In my philosophy healing is a path of personal growth, a matter of breaking the bonds of resonance with whatever throws us out of balance. The concept of resonance takes us into the realm where, for example, we don’t “catch” a cold from someone else but instead resonate with the.. read more →

Stage-4 atypical hyperplasia +Bowenwork/Advanced Energy Healing

Treatment success with client with stage 4 atypical hyperplasia One of my clients, female, mid 40s, was diagnosed with stage 4 atypical hyperplasia late 2015 and scheduled for hysterectomy the same month. The client declined intervention and instead came for regular Bowen work combined with Advanced Energy Healing. Her other health care options included distance healing.. read more →

True healing – life journey + soul purpose?

Due to the outstanding work of eminent cell biologist and geneticist Dr Bruce Lipton ( the concept of our thoughts and beliefs creating our reality is no longer so alien.[i] The findings of quantum science are helping more and more people embrace the idea that matter is changed by the observer and, by implication, their consciousness. This.. read more →

Advanced Energy Healing

Dr Mikio Sankey’s Advanced Energy Healing – Esoteric Acupuncture: 心 Moving into Heart Space – holistic health care for an emerging new perspective on a paradigm in transition 心 The New Millennium is seeing fast and global change, with 21st -century medicine evolving rapidly and, with the help of quantum science, beginning to move towards the.. read more →