Bowen / TMJ RESET help 4U

Bowen therapy can help you with

  • Acute and/or chronic pain with musculo-skeletal/neuromuscular/neurological origins;
  • back pain and related health concerns;
  • bedwetting;
  • colicky babies;
  • chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia;
  • cramping;
  • digestive imbalances;
  • general flexibility;
  • frozen shoulder and whiplash;
  • headaches, sinus and jaw issues;
  • hip, knee, leg and foot complaints;
  • lymphatic congestion;
  • neck, arm and shoulder pain/stiffness including whiplash and carpal tunnel syndrome;
  • postural/spinal misalignments and dysfunction;
  • reproductive dysfunction;
  • respiratory complaints;
  • sciatica/neuralgia;
  • sports injuries

and many more.

Bowen therapy / TMJ RESET help 4U

TMJ R.E.S.E.T can help you with

  • Clenched jaw;
  • clicking or popping jaw;
  • enhancing brain/body signal communication;
  • grinding teeth;
  • improving body hydration through affecting the psoas and sartorius muscles associated with the kidney/adrenal system, respectively;
  • misaligned bite/malocclusion;
  • realigning the cranial sphenoid bone (our very own personal “clothes hanger” from which the whole body “hangs”);
  • transforming the digestive system through its connection with stomach, triple burner, gall bladder and small and large intestine meridians, and
  • unlocking and releasing stored emotions.

My experience shows …

Provided there is no structural issue that needs medical intervention, TMJ R.E.S.E.T. has the potential no noticeably improve jaw mobility and range of movement. A client also told me that her jaw had never aligned so well. TMJ R.E.S.E.T. can be run stand-alone or as an adjunct to Bowen therapy.