13 Oct 2016


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In my philosophy healing is a path of personal growth, a matter of breaking the bonds of resonance with whatever throws us out of balance. Advanced Energy Healing is the needle-free version of Esoteric Acupuncture developed by Los Angeles acupuncturist Dr Mikio Sankey. It takes us into a realm where we don’t “catch” a cold from someone else. We draw it to us. We resonate with its energy field. In his  ground-breaking book “The Biology of Belief – unleashing the power of consciousness, matter and miracles” visionary scientist Dr Bruce Lipton states on page 143 that “health is simply a matter of changing our minds”. Literally. Dr Lipton’s book is available as a free download from 


Colds are a signal from the body that it wants rest. Winter is a time of natural hibernation. We need to keep our kidneys warm and happy to support our immune system. Low kidney energy is expressed in lethargy, aches and pains, lower back and joint pain. We can’t get out of bed or off the couch etc. If you experience any of these symptoms right now, put your hands over your kidneys. They are likely to be cold and need some help.

The Emperor and his subjects

Opposing fields of Heart and Kidney, Love and Fear, Fire and Water

Our Kidney energy is one half of the equation. The other is Heart energy. Eastern philosophies perceive the Heart as the Emperor who rules all his subjects. If the Emperor is not a kind ruler and the energy field of Heart/Fire/Love is out of whack, the imbalance will affect the opposing energy field of Kidney/Water/Fear (the Emperor’s subjects). The resulting energetic ripples will, if not addressed, impact on the spiritual, mental, emotional and ultimately physical levels of existence. This manifestation chain starts at the universal level and moves down the levels of existence to the physical.

Our soul (shen) is said to reside in our Heart Space. It follows that whatever throws us out of balance is a sign that our soul/spirit is not happy with our choices or what we are doing. And that means we are not in resonance with our Heart. Let’s face it, it’s easy to get side-tracked by the glamours of life. These glamours can create very real experiences which are only real if we keep resonating with them. Which means we have the power to change into a different self.

The meaning of healing

Healing means breaking the energetic bonds we all have created with whatever form of self-sabotaging or self-limiting reality we choose to experience for our soul’s growth. A Kidney Space-balanced Heart Space is where we commune with our spirit and the universe. Its whisper guides us towards harmonising the often demanding short-term goals of our life’s journey with the long-term goals of our soul purpose. Emperor and subjects must work together, for one cannot exist without the other. Without Fear we would not know Love. Simple Yin and Yang in perpetual motion.

Advanced Energy Healing taps into the science of these resonance fields. All imbalance we may experience comes about by us “gelling” with the relevant energy fields. In this lies a key to wellness. We can change, or let go of those patterns and systems.There are many avenues that can help us achieve the wholeness we all yearn for.

This takes us back to the opposing energy fields of Heart/Fire/Love and Kidney/Water/Fear. Advanced Energy Healing aims at achieving dynamic balance between these core fields. The purpose is for us to remember our unique life purpose, our very own “puzzle piece”. The more we recall that purpose, the greater our desire to move into and take up residence in our centre. Being in our centre means opposing forces, conflict, duality and polarity no longer affect us.

A Kidney Space-balanced Heart Space is where true healing begins.

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