Service offering

Bowen therapy

Bowen therapy is a wholistic remedial soft-tissue modality that may be highly useful in the treatment of

    • spinal misalignment,
    • compromised body function and
    • health issues associated with a wide range of musculoskeletal, neurological and neuromuscular complaints.

Bowen therapy’s gentle cross-fibre moves over muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments and nerves aim at rehydrating the body and restoring musculoskeletal symmetry, balance and health. By locating and releasing the muscle that does not “do its job”, Bowen therapy encourages the body into a natural, rather than normal, sense of balance and wellbeing. It also increases the body’s immunity by boosting its efficiency in dealing with toxins and waste products. The modality activates the body’s self-healing capabilities and has the potential to assist with many health issues associated with a wide range of musculoskeletal, neurological and neuromuscular complaints. Bowen therapy does not treat the spine directly.

Rafferty Energy System of Easing the Temporomandibular Joint

Developed by Melbourne kinesiologist Philip Rafferty, this non-invasive gentle approach applies purely energetic stress / tension relief and relaxation to the jaw joint, associated cranial landscape, and ultimately the whole body.

TMJ R.E.S.E.T. can assist in

    • unlocking and releasing stored emotions,
    • enhancing brain/body signal communication,
    • realigning the cranial sphenoid bone (our very own personal “coat hanger” from which the whole skeleton “hangs”) and thus influence symptoms further down in the body,
    • improving body hydration through affecting the psoas and sartorius muscles associated with the kidney / adrenal system, respectively, and
    • transforming the digestive system through its connection with stomach, triple burner, gall bladder and small and large intestine meridians.

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ or jaw joint) affects over 80 % of brain-body communication. While even the tiniest TMJ/jaw misalignment can confuse proper signal flow within the body, relaxing the jaw affects over 90 % of muscles in our body.

TMJ misalignment may influence several digestive meridians, the kidney system and the way the body manages its water household, our master gland (pituitary) and by implication the whole glandular/hormonal system (team effect), including our stress response (adrenals). Furthermore, the TMJ may influence the all-important sphenoid bone behind our eye sockets. Sphenoid and TMJ misalignment can have all sorts of repercussions throughout the body – remember the “coat hanger”.

  • Accidents and especially whiplash
  • long dental sessions with the mouth open
  • emotional, biochemical and metaphysical stress and trauma but also
  • self-limiting/self-sabotaging thought patterns and belief systems (mind-body connection of muscles)

for, example, can all impact on the alignment of this important area and throw our whole body out of balance. Unlike animals, humans don’t shake off the adrenaline rush when a stressful or traumatic situation is over, so the cells store the event in their memory banks where it remains until it is released.

Provided there is no structural or other damage that must be attended to by a medical professional, TMJ R.E.S.E.T. can be helpful in nudging TMJ and sphenoid towards a more natural alignment, producing relief from a large range of symptoms.

Scar tissue release (Enhanced McLoughlin)

Scar tissue affects the natural flow of blood, nutrients, fluid and life force through the body

Almost all of us have scars other than the belly button. Scars imply both a physical trauma (caused by surgery, accident etc.) and an underlying emotional component. This is usually memory of trauma, or a fear of touching or even looking at a scar as it can remind us of when and why we got it, and how we felt at that time.

Scar tissue consists of collagen fibres deposited by the body in no particular order to help knit and heal a wound and may well be a major factor in our body’s health and wellbeing. In both physiological and energetic terms scar tissue can seriously impair and even completely disrupt the flow of blood, nutrients, lymph and life force through the body. Its presence can cause life-long havoc, pain, affect body mechanics and restrain range of movement through fascial interruption and adhesions the body creates to compensate. Muscle testing shows that scar tissue can affect areas of the body that may look to be completely unrelated to the scar location.


    • Someone had an inguinal hernia as a child and is dealing with digestive issues or problems with lymphatics or lower back later on in life. While the symptoms may have a range of causes, the surgeon’s knife would have cut through the vital yin meridians of Kidney, Liver and Spleen, affecting, changing and potentially completely disrupting meridian function. This has consequences for the body’s physiology with potential follow-on effects for our emotional wellbeing.
    • Women who have distinctly feminine scars from mastectomies, hysterectomies, C-sections (especially emergencies) or laparoscopies/laparotomies often report feeling “disconnected” from the respective part of their bodies. This has the potential of affecting their lives in a myriad of ways.

Why scar tissue release?

Scar tissue release aims at “reconnecting” us to the affected part of our body by collapsing those wound-knitting collagen fibres after the original wound has healed well. Breaking them up changes body tissue at a fundamental level underneath and around a scar. There will be no return to sensation in the scar if the nerve damage is too extensive. Nor may the scar itself disappear. But the tissue will have a very different look and feel to it as it benefits from improved blood and nutrient supply as well as fluid and lymph distribution and life force flow throughout the body.

Clients are usually reporting

  • an improved ability to look at and touch their scars,
  • a return of the affected area to softness and warmth,
  • greater flexibility and
  • an improved overall sense of wellbeing.
  • Some clients have also mentioned that their clothes fit better.

Most scar tissue tends to require as little 2 sessions to break up. Sessions may include Chinese Medicine techniques to help the body “plump up” the territory previously occupied by the scar tissue.


Moxa is an ancient Chinese healing herb that I have found to be very helpful in dealing with scars and/or sites of musculoskeletal pain. Moxa disperses stasis, stagnation, pain and inflammation by quickening blood, nutrient and lymph flow through the affected area. It goes without saying that by doing so it has a beneficial effect on signal communication along the body’s energy  meridians.

Myofascial cupping

Myofascial cupping applies suction cups to the skin to boost nutrient-rich blood supply to a congested or injured area with the aim to disperse the congestion and to improve general flexibility and mobility. Any marks left by cups are temporary and typically fade within a few days.

Myofascial dry needling

Dry needling is a valuable adjunct for chronic pain and stiffness and helps to deactivate myofascial trigger points. 

Gua sha (spooning)

This Traditional Chinese Medicine technique uses a round-edged implement such as a ceramic spoon or a crystal. Traditional Chinese Medicine has a long history of using healing stones and crystals in therapy. The implement is run or scraped over the skin to increase blood flow to and around the affected area. Gua sha is generally used to clear stagnation, painful musculoskeletal conditions, and to encourage natural rather than normal circulation and metabolic processes.  Gua sha may cause temporary superficial bruising ranging from pink to purple that typically disappears after a couple of days.

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD)

The lymphatic system is the body’s first line of defence against disease and infection. Its main functions are to remove waste, localise infection and produce immunity. MLD is a feather-light tactile modality that aims to re-establish natural lymph flow through the body by activating lymph nodes and stimulating fluid circulation and elimination. It can be particularly helpful after surgery and accidental trauma and is used widely in hospitals all over Europe where it is prescribed as part of treatment protocol for many diseases and reimbursed by national health insurance.

Advanced Energy Healing – Dr Mikio Sankey LAc

The needle-free ‘spiritual side’ of acupuncture

Developed by Dr Mikio Sankey PhD, a licenced acupuncturist in California, (, Advanced Energy Healing in my service offering is a needle-free healing art whose core thrust is to address all the complex health issues and imbalances we experience at this stage. We all have seven main junction points, or chakras, where auric and universal energies enter and leave the body. Each of these vortices vitally affects associated body areas and components. Dysfunction and blockage in any of the chakras can lead to imbalances due to compromised life force flow and mind – body integrity.

Our chakras are key allies on our journey into wellbeing and wholeness. It is the energetic Heart Centre that represents the balance point between the upper and lower chakra triads, just as the physical vertebra T4 at physical heart level has a role in the force lines balancing the upper and the lower sections of the spine. Strengthening the Heart Centre is vital in many ways if we want to “live a life that is more fully attuned to the changing energy shifts of the New Millennium” (Dr Mikio Sankey).

Advanced Energy Healing is delivered needle-free through light clothing through touch-activation of specific acupoints.

Advanced Energy Healing tends to produce very deep relaxation through harmonising the energies of Fire/Heart/Love and Joy with Water/Kidney/Fear on all levels of consciousness and does so through realigning an individual’s 12-chakra system to harmonise it with the incoming universal energies.

While strictly an energetic modality that is not of the ‘fix-my-shoulder’ variety, my experience does show that the body can relieve or even resolve physical symptoms through an Advanced Energy Healing alignment of chakras and levels of consciousness.

Professional reflexology – pressure point, craniosacral

My approach to professional reflexology is different from ‘salon-type’ or standard Western reflexology in that it is a whole-body approach and usually targeted to provide support for specific body systems through either chi / pressure point reflexology with its Anatomical Reflection Theory, the gateways or points on the Traditional Chinese acupuncture meridians, or the craniosacral system. Deeply relaxing and above all balancing and harmonising, my approach to professional reflexology draws on aspects of Bowen therapy, Advanced Energy Healing and Oriental Therapies/philosophies in offering potentially far-reaching benefits for our physical, emotional, mental and ultimately spiritual wholeness.

I have also seen the craniosacral approach to reflexology to have the potential to be a very helpful lead into Bowen (assessment and treatment) for clients whose discomfort or pain is too great to allow either in a first session.

All my modalities benefit all ages from the very young to all our older generations and, in their own ways, aim at

  • deactivating our stress response and supporting the body to drop out of stress and tension- induced survival mode into ‘maintenance’ mode where it is able to initiate its own healing response;
  • addressing and managing pain, discomfort and short- and even long-term and chronic physical concerns;
  • boosting body immunity and its efficiency in dealing with toxins and waste products;
  • supporting our older generations in remaining flexible and well;
  • enhancing your feeling of being safe, cared for and supported through the element of respectful human touch;
  • harmonising and balancing your life force systems, often leading to a larger and potentially more spiritual perspective of your life, work, goals and experiences;
  • supporting the increasing number of individuals seeking the levels of awareness and consciousness required for each of us to allow, and flow with, change into a fulfilling life.

Relaxation and detoxification are natural by-products of treatment. My experience shows that the enhanced sense of all-over balance and wellbeing that often arises from improved mobility, circulation and immunity due to a more natural posture or life force flow after even minimal treatment can lead to

  • beneficial follow-on effects on enjoyment and quality of life;
  • improved vitality and energy levels.

The better we feel the better our decision-making ability and our motivation to achieve our life’s goals.