I value my clients’ feedback and their privacy. For this reason the relevant testimonials on this site are identified with initials only and full name if given via social media or other official avenues.

The testimonials below highlight my firm belief that balance, healing and wholeness are – with the right tools – possible and achievable for everybody, by their nature forever moving targets, multidimensional concepts, and therefore ultimately not limited to physical health and wellbeing. In no way are the testimonials intended to suggest the validity or wisdom of a one-size-fits-all approach to health care, to imply that a particular approach chosen by one individual for their own success will lead to the same results for YOU, to guarantee success under any circumstances or to imply that any imbalance can be corrected without the care and advice of a qualified health care professional. May they inspire you to find the approach that works for YOU.

I have now received two Bowen Therapy sessions off Christine. Both sessions involved Christine working on my jaw.
I have been suffering from vertigo for over 9 months now and Christine’s jaw work has been the best treatment I have tried for my vertigo. Not only did her work help me with physical pain, but it also allowed me to let go of many emotions that I have been holding onto, resulting in an increase in energy and a pressure being lifted off my shoulders.
I highly recommend seeing Christine for any emotional or physical pain. She is fantastic. Thank you Christine!!
– Jarryd Harvey – via Facebook


You’re an effing shaman !
– Dr JF (TCM) – verbal first response 🙂

This client experienced various energetic jolts during treatment which we both believed were realigning atlas and axis, the first two cervical vertebrae.


I have never written a testimonial before but have had such great results with Christine that I am compelled to share so that others may also benefit from Christine’s therapy.  Christine was referred to me by a friend and it has been the best referral I have ever followed through on.  Christine relieved me of excruciating back pain that was on the pain scale of an 8 out of 10. I seek the expertise of Christine not only for pain but at times when I’m feeling just low or ‘out of sorts’. A session with Christine leaves me with an unexplainable ‘high’, which is possibly due to an hour of total ‘me’ time; pure, relaxing bliss.
Prior to my 1st visit, I was a silent skeptic of alternative treatment healing methods. I’m not sure how to explain in a short, concise paragraph how much I value and appreciate Christine . How much she has been, and is, an integral part of my life. I cannot recommend Christine highly enough, what she offers goes beyond words . Be open to the experience because it is only with an open heart and mind that we can receive healing.
 SH – via email

… Christine Gruettke, professional reflexologist, has been with YVPP since 2009 and finds herself welcomed by the fire-affected communities. Her friendly professionalism combined with her people skills and consistently good results has made her a ‘local’ in many ways. Her clients often tell her that if it had not been for her support on a particular day, they would not know where or what state they would be in, nor whether they would indeed be still alive. She has an ability to support her clients through an emotional release and pull them back together again so that they feel well-grounded and ready to face the world after their treatment. […] Christine’s multidimensional approach to reflexology has been of enormous benefit to many clients, and she is one of our most popular practitioners. […] – Ray Siegersma, General Manager, Yarra Valley Practitioners Project Inc. (YVPP) – via reference letter

Thanks Christine for a very enlightening session. You have given me some real clues to look at what needs attention. I’m amazed how you managed to go straight to the physical indicators and interpret their meaning, without any direction from me. That is a gift.
– MW, hypnotherapist and counsellor, via Facebook

Oh wow, just eating my dinner and it is so much more pleasant because of the absence of pain !! Thank you so much for your wonderful healing.
– MA, via SMS –

MA had persistent jaw pain that did not resolve and which she suspected had an emotional origin. It took two sessions to clear the pain.

Reflexology has become an important part of my life, particularly since the 2009 bushfires. Post-trauma stress, failing health and an overwhelming sense of hopelessness had become the norm, but Christine has played a significant part in restoring the balances. Whilst at first I did not seem to be benefiting, I found that part of restoring health and wellbeing is to learn to listen and feel what my body was telling me. Christine guided me through this process with reflexology, explaining what she was doing and why. Whilst I am not yet fully recovered mentally or physically, I am functioning better now than I have in several years. Gaining insight and allowing my body to heal itself with reflexology has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Thank you, Christine.
– SP (dec) – via email

SP was a cancer patient who passed away in 2016. Determined to make the world a better place, the world in turn was blessed by her strength, her courage and her vision. Safe travel always.


I have been having reflexology treatment with Christine, for the past few months, and found it to be very beneficial. Improved mobility, reduction in muscle soreness and an overall general wellbeing has been the outcome. I would recommend Christine as a reflexology practitioner to anyone with similar problems.
– BM (dec) – via email

BM was a cancer patient who passed away peacefully in May 2013. One response he doesn’t mention in his testimonial was that he discarded his walking stick and felt positively “sprightly” after his first treatment – and the word stuck :-). Thank you, “Sprightly”, for allowing me to work with you. May your soul enjoy the continuation of its eternal journey …


Thank you from my deepest heart centre for all your beautiful healings given so generously and exactingly by you over many sessions – and such enjoyable sessions!! Your work and personal touch have really made a difference to many levels of my health and wellbeing generally.
– Black Saturday 2009 Australian bushfire survivor – via card

Thank you so much from the bottom of our singed little hearts for the lovely cuttings for our garden. Also for the gift you have of making one feel better than they have in years. Your kindness will be remembered always. Magic wishes.
– Black Saturday 2009 Australian bushfire survivors – via card

Thanks so much for today.  Everything feels great – and even just having that time to relax in those alpha states is pretty special for me.  It usually takes me around 30-45 minutes to fall asleep, and most of my sleeps involve a 3yo kicking me in the chest head or stomach!  Very rarely do I have the bed to myself (and my partner) to sleep soundly.  So it’s really amazing I’m so able to just keep dropping off in your hands 🙂  So thank you – I obviously feel very nurtured and safe.
– SW, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Hypnoenergetics practitioner, Reiki practitioner – via email

Thank you for your very kind words.  The session last week was remarkable in its simplicity and yet it was deeply profound.  Nothing is the same, nothing.   It’s as though I can hear that Silence more clearly and so it can guide me.  Am so Blessed. I look forward to when our paths will cross again.  It’s the same path after all. (And about two weeks later:) I’m still continuing to sense benefit from my session with you.  Not just the session itself but also the conversation we had around it. I’m glad you’re in the world, offering what you do.  It’s important but I know you know that 🙂
– JJ, Hypnotherapist, Hypnoenergetics practitioner, counsellor – via email

As a social worker I know that I need to pay close attention to my own self-care in order to be able to work effectively with people and also to be present to my family. Seeing Christine regularly is a vital part of my self-care regime as her gentle work helps to balance me physically, emotionally and spiritually. After seeing her I always feel grounded, energised and relieved of the various aches and pains accumulated through long hours at work and at a computer. Thank you for your care, Christine.
– Social worker and D&A counsellor – via email

I took my nearly 5-year-old daughter Elise to you for treatment to help her process a prolonged period of enormous upheaval. When Elise is out of balance she is highly strung, emotional, surly, and generally a challenge. After her sessions with you Elise is incredibly happy, balanced, at peace and really goes with the flow. Elise has visited you three times. Her eyes light up when I say we are visiting Christine and she thinks “Christine is magic!” My little girl is so happy and comfortable on your table as you get to work with your kind, gentle and fun manner. Elise feels cherished and safe with you, in fact I cannot believe how incredibly willing and happy Elise is to visit you. As a mother it is wonderful to know such gentle methods as used by you are welcomed and benefit Elise’s emotional and physical wellbeing. Thank you, Christine
– AJ for EJ (5) – via email


Throughout many years of life challenges I had what I referred to as my ‘pit crew’ helping me with deep tissue massage, innate chiropractic and a normal chiropractic routine to deal with the symptoms of stress and fatigue. I would feel relief for a period of 2-4 weeks before I needed another follow-up. After a while I realised that my chosen approach did not get to the root of the matter. A number of days after your first treatment I felt focused, more energetic and ‘unfogged’. Several sessions later I feel clear and am experiencing an increased belief in self. For the first time in my life my body feels aligned, its flexibility has increased, and my yoga has improved in leaps and bounds. I feel like being 25 years old again! Thank you, Christine, you have given me back my energy. That is indeed a priceless gift. Gratefully yours
– AJ, via email –